Our Storm Continues! 

Having successfully delivered this project for the past 3 years we are delighted to announce that the Wales Council for the Blind and UCAN Productions partnership project, 'Ein Llis Ein Storm: Our Voice Our Storm' has been extended until 2020. 

The Storm project, which is supported by  Sustainable Social Services Grant,  will continue to work specifically with  young adults across Wales by offering the opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard. 

Congratulations go to Project Managers Megan John and Mared Jarman for making the project such a success. 

We love the John Andrews Charitable Trust!


UCAN Productions are very grateful to The John Andrews Charitable Trust for donating funds to enable UCAN to run more Maggie's Club Workshops.  The John Andrews Charitable Trust was set up in 1990 and has continued since the passing of John and his wife, Nancy.  The Trust looks to help further the projects that have a real impact in helping better the lives of other and those who make a real difference to the community.

Maggie's Club has been running very successfully now for over 7 years, providing confidence building skills via workshops such as Sound, Music, Tactile Art and Circus skills to children and young people who visit Dr Margaret Woodhouse, OBE in the eye clinic at The School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University on Maindy Road.  Many of the children who attend Maggie's club have disabilities such as downs syndrome, sight and hearing impairment, autism, Aspergers, learning difficulties and the majority of the children lack in confidence and are excluded from many activities due to their disabilities.  At Maggie's Club the priority is to have fun, make new friends and learn new skills, and thanks to The John Andrews Charitable Trust we are able to continue to do just that.