“I’ve had the experience of acting and recording through UCAN but it’s opened up so many more options. With the experience you have in UCAN you’re able to do anything you want to do. You don’t need to do UCAN just to do drama; you could come to UCAN and become a lawyer. Just because it’s given you that extra edge and that confidence to believe in what you want to do.”
— Megan J, joined aged 12

What amazes me is the amount of time we actually spend talking about our visual impairment to each other. It’s hardly ever mentioned – not because we don’t like to talk about it just because we don’t find it necessary to talk about it and we get on with each other as friends despite anything anyway that you are automatically in sync with one another because you have that impairment. You find it easy to get along because there’s someone there that understands you
— Mared joined age 10

What is UCAN?