Breaking The Wall

Lloyd Coleman, Junior Chairman of UCAN Productions Young People’s Steering Committee is composing music to celebrate the 2012  Olympics.

The project has been running for over a year and is progressing well.  Breaking The Wall is to be played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Lloyd will conduct.  To support the performance UCAN members will be creating a performance piece using Lloyd’s music as the inspiration.  All these performances will be in 2012 at various venues around Wales.

Lloyd (18) who is currently studying composition at the Royal Academy is developing the ‘Breaking The Wall’ project which will comprise of three musical movements supported by poetry and body percussion.

Speaking  about his project, Lloyd said:-

The idea is to also have a narrative around the Greek athlete Pheidippides, who ran something like 150 miles to Marathon in tow days to summon more support to stop invaders taking over their territory.

I think this is very relevant especially to the Para Olympics. I see it as an overall metaphor of how everyone can achieve their dreams.  When it’s played in 2012 it will be just tremendous.  It will be the biggest thing of my career.  I hope it will isnpire so many younger people and show disabled and able-bodied people that disability is not a barrier to success.’

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales has a long standing commitment to support and encourage emerging young Welsh talent.  We are therefore delighted to be able to offer Lloyd this opportunity and l0ok forward to working with him.

Philip Watts, Development Manager, BBC National Orchestra of Wales

To promote the project Lloyd and Jane Latham were invited to visit the brand new Olympic Park on 7 November 2010.

Breaking The Wall is a partnership project with ‘Whose Flame is it Anyway’ which is part of Power of the Flame, funded by Legacy Trust UK, managed by The Arts Council of Wales and delivered by Disability Arts Cymru.