Lorna Carries The Flame

Everyone in UCAN Productions is very proud of Lorna.

Lorna was born with a visual impairment; she is a strong determined young lady who wants to prove that her disability will not stop her doing what she put her mind to. Despite going through operations and is due to have another shortly, this doesn’t stop her or worry her she just gets on with life as she says it. Lorna began Karate when she was 7, and by the time she was 13 she won her 1st Dan black belt, this she did on her own merits without any special treatment. This year Lorna won 1st for fighting, 2nd for Kata and 3rd in her team Kata, out of North and South Wales Also raised money through sponsored runs for charity. Represents her school so often now that I have lost count, her PE teacher now doesn’t ask Lorna if she wants to be on team her name is automatically put on it, they know that she will do them proud, last year she won a silver medal in gymnastics for the school despite never having any pervious lessons. Lorna is also a member of UCAN productions for visually impaired children were she encouraged other younger cast members who are blind or partially sighted.  I feel that due to her disability Lorna always finds a way to get the best out of life and is very inspirational to many others within her sport and those she comes into contact with, this making Lorna a worthwhile person to carry the Olympic Torch”

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