UCAN Lead Graduation

The UCAN Lead Level 1 Graduation took place last week at our annual UCAN Perform Festival.  The graduation celebrated the successful completion of a yearlong drama workshop leader training programme, which was led by the expert professional guidance of Dinos Aristidou and came to an end in March.

‘The Level 1 UCAN Lead prepared young people to become workshop leaders and I’m proud to say that watching them lead workshops and work with children gave me an incredible sense of pride in their competence, their manner, their confidence and the way they deal with all the unpredictable things that come with workshops. It was a really inspiring and joyful process and I have every confidence that the UCAN Lead participants will run wonderful workshops in the future and engage many children and young people with theatre. Once again it was a great pleasure to work with UCAN and be part of their outstanding programmes’ – Dinos Aristidou

The UCAN Lead Level 1 programme equipped participants with the skills to become workshop leaders and we are delighted to say that a number of the participants have since gone on to be employed as workshop leaders.  We would like to thank the Arts Council of Wales for funding this project and Cardiff University, The School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences for their generous support.  Below are a selection of photographs from the graduation ceremony; certificates were given out by board member Nicola Crews and also some photographs from UCAN workshops led by UCAN Lead.