UCAN Direct (very well!)

UCAN Direct, a directing programme for emerging visually impaired and blind young artists

and facilitated by UCAN Productions Creative Learning Director, Dinos Aristidou, culminated in a wonderful performance at the G39 studio in Cardiff on August 12th.


Over ten sessions, the young directors looked at staging, ensemble building, rehearsing, developing material, directing, movement and voice. They created, wrote and directed the piece examining what everyone of us should be entitled to and what we shouldn’t have to put up with.

 Though they were all performing, they also took responsibility for the direction of one particular performer, as well as collectively directing the whole piece. We have also had the privilege of working with two fabulous young musicians who created the music for the piece in collaboration with the group.

This particular work was conceived as part performance, part installation, appropriate to the space and it’s function as a gallery. The performance was very much a memory piece about a class of children whose lives take them, as adults, to different unexpected places. Their childhoods, seemingly full of promise and hope, often hiding the reality of their complicated lives which shape the adults they become.