UCAN help Students explore practicalities of life on Mars at science event.

For the second year, the UCAN team were delighted to work with Yellobrick, a marketing agency who specialise in immersive and engaging experiences. Five of our core UCAN team supported the day by becoming special agents and helping with the production management.

On the day, over 200 local Year 8 students explored the practicalities of humans living on Mars for a science event at Cardiff University.

The event, entitled, STEM Live!, was successfully held for the first time in 2015. It encourages students to explore a theme, using their understanding of science and engineering. It also aims to introduce students to a wide range of science careers open to them before they make their GCSE choices.

At this year’s event, students investigated the science around an evacuation of Earth for habitation on Mars. Staff from the Schools of Engineering, Bio-sciences, Physics, Computer Science, Earth, Architecture, Chemistry, and Mathematics, led students in a number of different hands-on activities, ranging from designing rockets to transporting humans to Mars, exploring living conditions and issues of temperature and energy, and farming on the planet.